Sunday, January 16, 2011

Game Aid Ideas

I've been making acrylic markers lately for destroyed items, objectives, etc.
I'm looking for some ideas of things we could use on the tabletop.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Mission!

A new segment provided by the "Argyle Scribe" whose taking copious notes on the misadventures of our gaming group. The first of many missions was attempted recently since we had an odd number of players. The mission worked well and is worth a try.

An Unexpected Visit
The Imperial City of Tubac has been laid to ruin by two opposing forces for control of its resources. Unknowingly a third party is preparing a surgical assault to recover a lost piece of technology buried within the ruins of the city.

This game involves three players which will be called the “Attacker, Defender, and Ambusher” for this mission.

Once terrain in placed the Ambusher can set-up three objective markers anywhere on the table more than 12” away from each marker and the table edge.

Split the table into four quarters and roll-off to see which player picks the quarter they deploy in. The opposing player deploys in the opposite table quarter. The player who won the roll-off becomes the “Attacker”.

The attacker then deploys all of its force anywhere in their quarter of the table more than 9” from the center point, then the “Defender” deploys in the same manner in the opposite quarter.

The “Ambushers” force remains in reserve.

The Attacker and defender may place any number of units in reserve.
See special rules for the “Ambushers” reserve entry.

First Turn:
The attacker and defender roll-off to see who goes first. The loser may attempt to steal imitative.

Make any scout moves before the first turn begins.

Special Rules:

Force Organization:
The Attacker and the Defender use the standard force organization rules on page 87 of the 40k rule book.
The Ambusher has 1 elite Compulsory and the following Optional (2HQ, 3Elite, 4Troops, 4Fast Attack, and 2 Heavy)

We used 1500 point each for the Attacker and Defender and 750 points for the Ambusher. Use if you want to.

Surgical Strike: beginning on turn two the Ambushers force starts to roll in as any other reserve unit would. Unlike normal reserve entry the entire force enters on one roll.
All units in the Ambushers strike force must be able to deep strike or be in vehicles /monstrous creatures/special equipment which allow the unit to deep strike.

The Prize: Before the Ambushers force come into play he/she must randomly roll to determine which objective will be his goal to capture and hold.
The rolled objective is the Ambushers objective and must capture and hold against the Attackers and Defenders. The Ambusher may not align themselves with any other player.
Once randomly selected the Ambusher force may deep strike anywhere within 6” of the objective.
If any Attacker or Defender forces are in the way of the Ambushers units it may move 1” away from the unit(s).

The Third Wheel: The appearance of the Ambusher creates a third player.
To handle this we added a third round of phases within a game turn.
The Ambushers turn takes place after the Attacker and Defender have run thought their phases of the game turn.
In the case of the Assault Phase the carnage level is higher as all forces in combat with any of the Ambushers forces will fight another assault phase during this added third player rounds.

Morale and Fall Back:
The Attacker and Defender fall back to their table edge and regroup as normal per main rules page 46.
Each Ambusher unit may reroll failed morale rolls once for free in the shooting and assault phases. This does not apply if the unit is a vehicle or fearless.
Any Ambusher units that fail a morale test are automatically destroyed and removed from play.

Game Length:
As per page 90 of the 40k rulebook five turns then roll.

Victory Conditions:
At the end of the end of the game the player that has captured the most objectives wins. Roll 1d6 on the chart below for the value of the Ambushers objective.

1 Fighting on and around the objective has ignited a titan plasma reactor buried in the ground. All units within 3d6” take a S4 APd6 hit. Vehicles are hit on their side armor. Zero Victory Points
2-3 Bad intelligence has misled the Surgical Strike Force. Salvage what you can!
One Victory Point
4-5 Despite the unholy carnage the objective plus portions of the lost technology are reviled and salvaged.
Two Victory Points
6 With the objective under control and intact Reaver Titan has been discovered under the ruins of the city.
Three Victory Points

2011 More for us!

Ok the New Year is here and I'm going to try and make more posts for 2011.
Senerios, projects, group games days etc.

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Old/New Project Ogryns Completed

Three converted ogryns I've been working on as usual "forever".. I borowed the idea from an Imperial Guard Ogryn image from Dakka Dakka. So thanks from whoever I swipped the idea from.

More Images later and hopefully an update on the Ork Superheavy

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ork Kill Bursta Vol III

Sorry guys, I took some time off to work on my skaven. This week I spent some time on the main gun.

I'll continue adding details to the main gun and armor plating to the hull. After that it's off to the engine and exaust system.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ork Kill Bursta Vol II

The next step are sponsons for the twin linked big shootas for the superheavy. I've made two different types of turrets, take a look and tell which one you like better. Remember the guns, bolts, copula, etc. will be on the final model.

90 degree turret:

45 degree turret:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ork Kill Bursta Vol I

Not enough dough to buy the Forgeworld model. So I'm going with a landraider kit and a pile of scrap styrene from work.

This is the basic hull shape with the landraider tracks mounted on the sides.